Captain Underpants Skate

Grind rails and perform crazy well-timed skateboard tricks. Go crazy with in-air flips in the halfpipe to get a high score.

Scholastic Inc
Game Design and Development
IOS, Android, Desktop and Web

For Scholastic Inc., a major children's book publisher, we created a fun platform game. Scholastic's most popular kids brand, Captain Underpants has sold over 80 million graphic novels worldwide.

Players in this skateboarding game must jump and land tricks, grind rails, and get big air over jumps to perform funny tricks. Players can perform standard, landing and special tricks. Trick pickups are strategically placed throughout the level. If performing the right trick the score bonuses are collected. These pickups also help to guide the player, this is so they know when to complete trick moves. This allows them to know when to perform a trick and enjoy playing the game.

To introduce new audiences to the brand and the app Scholastic Homebase, we designed a game for kiddos and huge fan base of the Captain Underpants books.

We provided the following services:

  • Game design and development
  • Level design
  • Tutorial and story writing
  • Character Art; developed from a provided look for a well established brand
  • Character rigging with silly skateboard trick animations
  • Concept direction and production art for environments
  • UI/UX development
  • Music and sound design

There are a few statues of characters from the Captain Underpants books that can be smashed, including "Dexter" from the series.

We created a game for fans of Captain Underpants books that incorporated the brand. The world we created includes several key characters and distinct objects from the popular book series.

The game has 20 levels that are designed to be short and easy to pass for the intended target age group. After a brief interactive tutorial, players get into the game and can master its basic controls. As necessary we introduce new mechanics to the game to keep players engaged.

At the start of each level, players can choose to play as either Harold and George, they are the main characters from the Captain Underpants books. Each character allows the arrangement of a different set of tricks types, that play as animations.

We combined the Captain Underpants brand with skateboarding culture to create fun tricks, as example the "Backside Up" trick. There are ten tricks in total. Further to that this is the he halfpipe it's a bonus area within the game. This changes the game mode and allows for the player to skateboard with Captain Underpants for a short while. This allows players to perform lots of in-air flips to collect a stack of points.

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"Mode have a level of polish and attention to detail to their work that is impressive and rare. I'd recommend that you talk to them about your next game project."

Photo of Gavin Brown from Scholastic Inc.
Gavin Brown
Digital Product Director, Scholastic Inc.

"Thank you Mode for believing in the kids we work with and throwing everything that you and the team had at this project. And finally – thanks for delivering a super cool and engaging game. Hip hop meets maths and science – got me hooked!"

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Jack Manning Bancroft
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