Baby-Sitters Club Heroes

This resource management game tests if you've got what it takes to become a member of the club. Match the sitters to the families to keep them happy and earn cash tips

Scholastic Inc
Game Design and Development
IOS, Android, Desktop and Web

For Scholastic Inc., a major publisher of children's books, we developed a simplified resource management game. With 18 books and over $40 million in sales, the Baby Sitters Club is a popular book series that started in 1986.

In this game players have to manage and match the right sitters to the right families. The goal if the game is make as much cash as possible from your customers by matching the resources up well. The game features characters from the books, such as Kirsty, Stacey, Mary-anne, and Claudia.

Young children and fans of the Baby-Sitter Club book series will enjoy playing this game, it is designed to introduce new audiences to the brand and the Scholastic Homebase app.

We provided the following services:

  • Game design and development
  • Level design
  • Setup of a physics motorbike and other hazards
  • Tutorial and story writing
  • Character Art; developed from a provided look for a well established brand
  • Concept direction and production art for environments
  • UI/UX development
  • Music and sound design

In order to finish jobs faster, players can tap on the jobs repetitively to hurry them up.

The game was developed with a small budget and a short timeframe. We created a game based on a specific moment in the books, taking a phone call to arrange babysitting jobs. The result is an innovative resource management game for the Baby-Sitters Club brand.

As part of the level design process for this game. For this we had to think about the exact timing of when families would appear and what resources players might have at that time. This is so players could make interesting decisions with their resources. Players learn to master the level's sequence through replay.

During this scenario in the game, Kirsty needs to be available quickly once again to take on the Brewster's family job. To make sure Kirsty is available for her next job, the player must rush the Braddocks family job.

As the levels progress, we introduce additional resources to manage with Kid Kits. These compounding game mechanics serve as a design direction to keep players on their toes. Basically it gives them lots of things to do and ways to win. Across all the Scholastic games we have created, we ensure that the game can be played by players with varying skill levels. As an example, a player can complete a job by allocating the wrong Sitters or Kid Kits, this results in a lower tip, never a level fail. As a result, players can almost always complete a level.

We are pleased to announce that the result is an original game with a game design that fits perfectly to the target audience and the Baby-Sitters Club brand.

A number of characters from the books appear in the game, including Stacey and Kirsty. In addition, the game includes Stoneybrook families that we faithfully represented from their descriptions in the books.

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Photo of Gavin Brown from Scholastic Inc.
Gavin Brown
Digital Product Director, Scholastic Inc.

"Thank you Mode for believing in the kids we work with and throwing everything that you and the team had at this project. And finally – thanks for delivering a super cool and engaging game. Hip hop meets maths and science – got me hooked!"

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Jack Manning Bancroft
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