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In every way, we aim to exceed our customers' high expectations.

We make games for the purpose of education, branding, promotions or as products for your business. Find out how we have created some of the world's best and most successful games for our clients.

Our process

Three simple steps to make your kick-ass game

1. Discovery

First, we will consult with you to gain an understanding of your game concept and its objectives.

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2. Planning

Next, you will receive a detailed game design that includes a timeline and milestones for the development of your game.

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3. Execution

During the game development process, you can be as involved as you like. Receive prototypes and updates through the stages of Alpha, Beta, and Release, with ongoing support.

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Explore the types of games we have made for our customers

We offer world-class work-for-hire game development services for the purpose of education, gamification, promotion, or as a product to generate revenue in the Apple and Google Play stores.

App Store and Marketplace Games

We make apps for the Apple and Google Play Stores as a product you can market. These games are designed with advertisements and in-app transactions to generate ongoing revenue. We can implement a variety of revenue-generating strategies within your game. Not every game has to be free-to-play with micro-transactions and lots of ads. With our help, you can generate revenue consistently with an economy that is appropriate to your games design and it's target audience.
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Educational and Training Games

We can make a game to support your educational programmes, as an app, a VR experience, or a hybrid between digital and the real-world. We have developed 'serious' games for reputable institutions and world-changing organisations that succeed. We have created award winning games for, employees and students to learn, train, and understand something new through an interactive process of play.
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Marketing, Advertising and Promotional Games

We can develop promotional games tailored to a brand's tone and campaign message. Engage your target audience long-term organically or generate high traffic quickly with virality. We have delivered lots of games for advertising agencies and large brands. We have helped them to generate growth, awareness and increased revenue for their businesses.
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Live Event Games

We create interactive games for live events that deliver a unique, fun, short experience that will give you an edge over your competitors. New technologies, such as Virtual Reality, are especially effective in creating a unique and memorable experience for your customers. To create buzz and attention at your event, our designers will tailor a game that represents your brand values and messages very clearly.
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Gamification System Designs

Our team understands how to integrate gaming mechanics into existing systems, activities, and services to motivate and engage users. We can help you interact more effectively with your customers or staff, so that you can achieve your goals motivated by play. With the help of our experts, you can integrate a gamified design into your existing infrastructure of an app or web platform to boost its success.
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Here is a detailed breakdown
of what we do

Learn about our services that are used to make marvellous games for our customers. Typically, we provide most of these services for the delivery of an average-sized game.

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Our code is lightning fast and bug-free.

Our frequent development builds ensure our clients have access to source code with a history of our progress via cloud tools.

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It is our goal to produce unique artwork that our players will love, and that our clients adore.

From pixel art to realistic art, we always strive to deliver beautiful and original art styles.

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Cross Platform

We develop cross-platform games to enhance your game's profitability and success. We create primarily apps for the Apple and Google App Stores, web, as well as Virtual Reality games.

You can count on us no matter what your needs are.

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Testing and QA

Our apps and games are rigorously and continuously tested on devices during development.

Through a quality assurance process, we strive not only to deliver creative and unique games but also to deliver stable and very reliable ones.

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The sound effects and music we produce can be so memorable you'll be humming these tunes in your sleep.

In order to meet your creative requirements and budget, we can compose or carefully select stock music and sound effects.

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At 60 frames per second, we animate amazing characters and effects. Our attention to detail will bring your game to life. 

Basically, if you can imagine it in motion, then we can definitely rig it and animate it!

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Multiplayer systems, physics simulations in 2D and 3D, server-side API frameworks, Kinect sensors, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality experiences. 

Whatever your game needs to be or have, we can provide it.

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With our unique game mechanics and replay-ability hooks, we design games that your customers will enjoy playing over and over again.

If you want your game to be a hit, its game design must be great first.

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Story Writing

To further engage our players, we develop characters and stories. 

Your game's storyline can create a deeper emotional connection to its characters and world.

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We track and report on how your game is performing in real-time, with the help of analytical data that we implement.

We want to work with you to improve your game's profitability, stability, playability, and overall performance.

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Localisation and Translation

With our localisation services, you can release your game in new territories within the App Stores.

We will handle the process of text, content, and voice translation so that your app is culturally appropriate for new market releases.

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Marketing and Support

To get noticed by press and highly influential game reviewers, we will help you develop a marketing campaign.

This includes putting together a press kit and other advertising materials, making some social noise and promoting your game to get organic growth.


Hear what our amazing customers have to say

"Mode have a level of polish and attention to detail to their work that is impressive and rare. I'd recommend that you talk to them about your next game project."

Photo of Gavin Brown from Scholastic Inc.
Gavin Brown
Digital Product Director, Scholastic Inc.

"Thank you Mode for believing in the kids we work with and throwing everything that you and the team had at this project. And finally – thanks for delivering a super cool and engaging game. Hip hop meets maths and science – got me hooked!"

Photo of Jack Manning-Bancroft from AIME
Jack Manning Bancroft
Case studies

Browse our case studies

Our games each have a unique purpose and a story behind how we made them. Find out how we ensured our customers' success.

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