We create games to teach students, employees, or users, so they can learn and gain new real-world skills

No matter how it's delivered, whether that's an app, virtual reality, or a hybrid of a real-world experience and digital, we create educational games that work. We have developed successful 'serious' games for world-changing organisations and reputable institutions. In order to fulfill your goals, we will get to know your teaching requirements, this will make sure we deliver results every time.

What is an educational game, who are they made for and what can they achieve in the classroom?

Educational games can benefit both children and adults, especially when it comes to learning something new or revisiting something previously learned. We can create a custom design and develop a game to maximise training and learning outcomes. Game play has been proven to be a great way for people to communicate, interact, and learn complex ideas.

Education games often fall under the category of 'serious games'. To be educational, games must be structured so that players definitely are learning through the experience of the game. 

We disagree with the approach that players can learn unknowingly. Every person always learns through experience, whats important is they clearly know what they are learning so that knowledge can be applied to other situations and pursued further. The purpose of educational games is to provide players with an opportunity to learn through repetition in simulations, either for training, rehabilitation, or to learn new skills.

Game-based learning is aimed at achieving specific learning outcomes through a carefully designed gameplay. The subject matter and gameplay are balanced in a game-based learning program, with neither part over-emphasized or under-emphasized. By doing so, all players will participate with the goal of gaining and retaining knowledge.

An app designed for ELSA Patterns and Arrangement with the Australian Department of Education and University Of Canberra, the goal to teach STEM concepts to young Australian kids

It is crucial for the educational games to be designed with a clear sense of what the instructor wants to achieve. Game based learning can only succeed if the teachers involved are convinced of the educational value it has. Additionally, teachers who use the games must have a high level of self-efficacy and be respectful with the use of technology.

In schools, games have traditionally been used to learn with a fun approach, especially in subjects of science and mathematics. It is possible to introduce and teach any subject matter using a game-based approach. Game-based learning is most effective for teachers who can clearly describe how a game can improve teaching for them. There can be no replacement for the classroom experience provided by a teacher through games alone. Having students play a game with teachers allows them to pay more attention to their students and be better teachers.

At Mode, we have an excellent track record of delivering educational games that work and succeed. In collaboration with you, your educators, and your project managers, we can develop an educational game tailored to your pedagogical approach.

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