We gamify experiences to motivate your customers and employees to achieve hard-to-reach goals

Our team has experience with integrating game mechanics into existing systems, activities, and services to motivate and engage users through play. Let us help your customers or employees to interact more effectively with your business or organisation in order to build trust and deliver improved results.

What is gamification and how can I use it to increase engagement with my employees and customers?

Gamification is the integration of game mechanics into systems, services, organisations, and activities to motivate and engage users to increase outcomes with a game-like experience.

Gamification works as it is a convincing system design; it's commonly used for user engagement, organisational efficiency, employee education and evaluation, system usability, physical exercise, and more. Research shows gamification encourages individuals of all demographics to achieve hard to reach goals.

A screenshot from the game Stymied, it uses Google Firebase to power its leaderboard system. Using the app, players can compete against others in real-time to solve a variety of difficult puzzles in the fastest time possible. Leaderboard and points are one of the parts of gamified system design.

You should consider including many of these game design elements when designing a gamification system for your business:


In a gamified environment, they are typically awarded after completing specific activities. These are numerical values as indicators of a player's progress.


They are earned and accumulated in the gamification context and are also known as achievements. The achievements of players demonstrate their attainment of levels and goals within the gamified system design.


Usually, these ranking systems measure players' relative success based on a set of success criteria, such as points or badges. Besides determining who is the best at a particular activity, they are also indicators of progress because cumulative points distinguish one player's performance to others.

Performance graphs

They are often used in simulation or strategy games to provide information about the player's performance in relation to their past performance. This enables them to track their progress over time.

Meaningful stories

In gamified experiences, stories give context to the activities and characters. Players will gain a deeper sense of purpose with a theme and tone to the experience that this enables.


A players character is represented within a games as an avatar. In most games, players select options to personalise a characters appearance. Characters can be objects, trees, people, animals, and much more.


Regardless of if they are made up of real players or non-player characters, they can encourage cooperation and/or competition. Players can work together and motivate  each other to reach a common goal.

At Mode, we can design a gamification systems to reach your goals within a new or existing web or app. In addition, we have experience designing games that can be easily integrated into existing native applications or played cross-platform within any modern web-browser.

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