We develop games to promote products, brands and increase sales for advertising agencies

We can create a game for use in a new or existing app or website for an advertising campaign. Our games have been extremely successful for global advertising agencies and brands of all sizes. With a game, we can create short-term buzz or grow an audience organically over time to be engaged often with your brand .

How can promotional and advertising games be used to promote a brand?

By designing a promotional or advertisement game, you can increase brand awareness with your target audience. Since everyone loves playing games, there is a game design suitable for everyone. Our games are not only developed to meet the high expectations of our clients, but also appropriate for young children to play. To develop marketing games targeted at children and adults, we adhere to COPPA and local advertising standards.

We created this game to promote Scholastic Inc.'s Bad Guys graphic novel series, which sold over a million copies.

Your promotional games should convey your message clearly without overstating or misrepresenting the brand or what the product is. As an example, you cannot make a game about the speed of your services if the game takes forever to download or start. Furthermore, your game design should be unique and/or distinctive to your brand. It is not recommended that you simply add your brand to a popular game. This like the previous example could negatively impact your brand it could suggest that your product or service isn't original or very innovative.

At Mode, we can design and develop a promotional game that expands brand awareness. We study your brand goals to ensure our design and development matches your goals.

Explore the types of games we have made for our customers

We offer our work-for-hire game development services to make games for the purpose of education, gamification, promotion or as products to generate revenue in the Apple and Google Play stores.

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Our games each have a unique purpose and a story behind how we made them. Find out how we ensured our customers' success.

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