We make monetised games for App Stores and Marketplaces, for a reliable return on investment

We make apps for the Apple and Google Play Stores as a product you can market. These games are designed with advertisements and in-app transactions to generate ongoing revenue. We will design an economy suitable for your game design and target audience to consistently generate an income.

Can games be developed as products that generate revenue?

Yes, a good quality, unique game can generate revenue either through upfront sales, micro-transactions or advertisements. In addition to designing a captivating game that delivers a return on investment, we will support it as long as it's financially viable. Some games are lucky enough to be profitable for decades, while others can take years to become profitable. Rarely, a game can become a smash hit overnight but might fail to maintain in the spotlight for long. Regardless of how we are able to make success happen for you, the most important thing is that you are satisfied at the end of the process. This can be in terms of the total revenue earned or the opportunities you can open up by owning an app and developing it.

With the WeClue app, teams can purchase credits to play and recreate the Amazing Race TV show experience in major cities across Australia.

In games, we can implement a variety of revenue-generating strategies, and not every game has to be free-to-play with tonnes of micro-transactions. The intended audience and design of the game should always define the approach to earning revenue. This said the majority of games on the App Stores are free-to-play games with micro-transactions for a good reason. For players to value a game's economy and the products it sells, they need to get an advantage in game over their peers. Suppose that a game sells skins, but if the players can't share their customised characters with their friends, this item will fail to sell. Making a successful game is not always easy, nor is there a single answer to how to get there, and not every game design is suitable for in-game economies.

The Stymied app includes in-app purchases with rewarded and interstitial video advertising that are strategically implemented to generate continuous revenue for the client and to avoid negative reviews.

Ads are another way you can generate revenue, so if you manage to attract a large number of players to your game this can be viable. They are especially important if an in-game economy isn't suitable for your game design. Advertisements should play with a moderate frequency with content that is appropriate to your target audience's age. With in-app ads you can earn revenue from players who may never pay to play. In addition you can add a micro-transaction for players who dislike ads, they can pay to remove them with an in-app purchase. Your game can also motivate players to watch video ads to resume playing or boost a result. In addition to short interstitial ads between levels, this approach will motivate players to watch uninterruptible 30-second video advertisements to earn an in-game reward.

At Mode, we can help you develop, launch, market, and support your game from concept to completion. Our mantra is that your success is our success. We always design and deliver our games to meet the high expectations of our customers.

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We offer our work-for-hire game development services to make games for the purpose of education, gamification, promotion or as products to generate revenue in the Apple and Google Play stores.

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