Something Eerie

To teach children about water safety, we developed stories that let them choose their own adventure.

Royal Life Saving Society Australia
Game Design and Development
IOS and Android

The app Something Eerie teaches kids water safety lessons, providing them with life-saving tips. Each story takes place in a unique water location and plays like a choose your own adventure.

Something Eerie was developed for Royal Life Saving Society Australia to teach kids to stay safe in, on and around water. The app also teaches what to do in case of a serious emergency. Through making right or wrong decisions in the game, the player can learn this. Anonymous data analytics measures and tracks the success of every interactive story. It allowed the client to determine how successful the app is based on their KPIs, which focused on the total number of stories played. By doing this, they could tell how many children learned the lessons.

The app contains the following:

  • Several creatively written educational choose your own adventure stories
  • We developed six characters and too many secondary characters to list
  • Environments and place to explore to emphasis the lessons learned
  • Objects to collect and use in the stories
  • A great overall story to tie together a bunch of spooky stories

We provided the following services:

  • Game design and development
  • Creative story writing
  • Character development and art direction
  • Environment and object development and art direction
  • UI/UX development
  • Data analytics
  • Music and sound design

Throughout the stories, safety information is summed up so that players can reflect on it after playing. This content is within the 'Things to Think About' section of the app. These materials are used in classrooms to complement the school water safety curriculum.

Each story is about 5-10 minutes long with a mystery to solve. Characters are key to writing a good stories and the ones we created helped to tell our clients educational stories. At the centre of the Something Eerie stories is the main character Ruby; she is new to a peculiar town named Eerie Creek. This is a place where strange and mysterious things happen, is it super natural or something else? 

Each story lasts about 5-10 minutes and has a mystery to solve. Characters are the key to storytelling. The ones we created help us to tell our clients' stories. Something Eerie revolves around Ruby, a newcomer to a strange town named Eerie Creek. There are strange and mysterious things happening in and around the town, is it supernatural or is it something else?

Each story begins with a few concise sentences of preface text. This we crafted carefully to  introduce quickly; the place, some potential evidence regarding the supernatural mystery and water safety information to pay attention to in the story.

We created six distinct characters, Hamish, Max, Ruby, Sasha, Mooch, and Jasper. We designed each character carefully with specific personality traits; from the goody-two-shoes to the sceptic to the no holds barred risk-taker.

Participants in the Australian Swim and Survive Program have reported increased engagement and improved results thanks to the Something Eerie app. The app as a whole creates a positive attitude toward learning about water safety; we made an otherwise boring message very engaging.

Based on the previous results gained from the Swim and Survive content on the RLSSA website. There have been positive results in Australia's target group of kids aged 7-12 with the Something Eerie game.

The app had to deliver on the following metrics:

  • Improved engagement with Swim and Survive Program participants.
  • Participants developed a positive attitude toward water safety and gained knowledge about water safety.
  • Increasing support for water safety knowledge delivery by swimming and water safety teachers and partners.

In the "Things To Think About"section of the app, players can review educational messages at the end of each story. The information summarised in this section is what players have learned during the game experience.

Mode currently supports and maintains the Something Eerie app on our Apple and Google Play stores. It makes maintenance easier for the client. These services are suitable when the client lacks the resources, capacity, or experience to manage these accounts. This game was developed with expert guidance from the client. Together we created a truly exceptional and unique educational game. With the goal of saving lives, this game is making a positive impact on how Australian kids learn about water safety.

After completing each story, players can access tips and lessons learned. This app contains over 100 safety messages. Children will learn how to be safe in and around water in order to save their lives.

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